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Here’s a link to the video gallery. Some videos have audio while some other videos don’t.

Please visit the shop section to buy various video bundles or various videos production services to have videos produced from your own video footage and photographs.



In 2022, NS-ORG open to help the governments of Canada and Quebec to prevent individuals’ public privacy violations


For-profit Naked Software Inc. was founded back in Santa Barbara, California, USA on January 1 of year 1999 with the objective of delivering quality source code to legal entities around the world.

NakedSoftware Inc, was incorporated and operating in Santa Barbara for 1 year from January 1 of year 1999 in order to deliver quality source code for the US Military Schools, the Miramar Topgun Air Force Recruit Training School, the Recruit Training Command Great Lakes in Illinois and the Naval Academy.

NakedSoftware Inc. name was inspired from the nakedjuice company since I was drinking these powerful and healthy beverages since 1997 while operating under Offworld Technologies Corporation in Santa Barbara California.

The great ISERA GROUP’s COO Joe Grimes found my naming, naked software, quite funny at the time. But after explanations, he understood nakedsoftware meant delivering quality source code directly to legal entities around the world. With ISERA GROUP, I, Canadian Offworld Technologies Corporation founder and US Naked Software Inc. founder was transferring the copyright of the source code directly, no licensing involved. I know, I am a nice guy, 🙂 !

Only, the US Custom and Border Protection agents, back in 2002, after September 11 of year 2001, were getting quite paranoid and did not let me re-enter the United States anymore. They never told me the real reason for this NO GO in the US, I was banned then. I had a child in California, but that did not count. They discovered 172 domains names in my suitcase at the Toronto Airport in March 2002, and did not like it. Border Agents claimed to have the fear that I was operating illegitimate business in the US. Because as Canadian we don’t run, like the rest of the planet, for becoming a US citizen in 4 years, these Border Agents did not get it. They even suspected Naked Software Inc. could be involved in erotic and pornographic industry.

Not, one minute, I ever thought of getting in that industry.

For 10 years I developed satellite imagery analysis software as well as multimedia audio and video software and gave it online as free open source to the world. I had pushed all source code on my NakedSoftware.ORG website, naked software here standing for open source software, to see all source code and documents, one can browse my website from https://nakedsoftware.org/download/, go to my oifii github account at https://github.com/oifii or go to my lasapps github account https://github.com/lasapps . All my source code was published under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at future user’s option) any later version.

https://nakedsoftware.org/nsd/ar/cp/audio_spi/ folder contains my c++ open source audio applications including windows binaries and my oifii github https://github.com/oifii account contains c++ open source audio and video applications.

https://nakedsoftware.org/nsd/ar/cp/video_spi/ folder contains my c++ open source video applications including windows binaries and my oifii github https://github.com/oifii account contains c++ open source audio and video applications.

https://nakedsoftware.org/nsd/ar/cp/geo_spi/ folder contains my c++ open source geographic applications including windows binaries, my lasapps github https://github.com/lasapps/ account contains the lasapps c++ open source geographic applications and https://www.lasapps.org/ is my official LASapps.ORG website.

But, I must confess, by 2017, these deviated perceptions from US Border Agents had grown on me, I decided, that NakedSoftware.ORG would not only offer open source code to the world but also offer great fine art feminine artistic nudes as well as eventual video games involving great Vorotrans Art.

Fall 2017, I changed business model, I now plan to sell digital art generated from my software apps in order to finance my many artificial intelligence software development projects.

Summer 2020, many new colorful artworks are available for print on demand. See Naked Software section on Fine Art America website by clicking here below.

In 2022, see …



In 2022, NS-ORG open to help the governments of Canada and Quebec to prevent individuals’ public privacy violations

ABOUT POIRIER’S ART https://humanaware.org/2021/12/21/in-2022-ha-org-helping-artists-produce-and-business-individuals-control-their-public-image-and-privacy/ ABOUT POIRIER’S TECH Poirier writes software to enable governments to fully protect individuals from privacy violations that constantly occur, at local, regional, and global scales, on and off the web including on peer-to-peer networks. Poirier uses HA-ORG to extract, fetch, and publish V-ORG edge networks’ and interpretation networks’ subsets into strings …


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